Heat Check CBB Sim (HCCS)

The Heat Check CBB Sim (HCCS) is a college basketball simulation league.

HCCS features over 350 teams, recruiting, postseason tournaments, media press conferences, advanced statistics and more. Users control their teams by submitting periodic Google Forms surveys sent via email.

HCCS is also free to play! Users who wish to take their experience to the next level can purchase a Heat Check Premium subscription ($5.99/month) for additional simulation coverage and information, in addition to Heat Check CBB’s traditional college basketball content.

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Previous seasons:

  • Season 1
    • Champion: Michigan
    • Runner-up: Wisconsin
  • Season 2
    • Champion: Arizona
    • Runner-up: Purdue
  • Season 3
    • Champion: North Carolina
    • Runner-up: Illinois
  • Season 4
    • Champion: Michigan State
    • Runner-up: Arizona
  • Season 5
    • Champion: Arizona
    • Runner-up: Michigan State
  • Season 6
    • Champion: Iowa
    • Runner-up: Tulane
  • Season 7
    • Champion: Michigan
    • Runner-up: Auburn