Coming September 26, THE ALMANAC: The Year of the Big — the most extensive and detailed 2022-23 college basketball season preview on the market.

Heat Check CBB announced Wednesday its partnership with prominent college basketball media outlets Field of 68, Three Man Weave and Verbal Commits to launch the most comprehensive college basketball season preview magazine on the market: THE ALMANAC: The Year of the Big.

We have spoken to every single Division I head coach in the country in an effort to provide college basketball fans with a thorough, all-encompassing, 600,000-word college basketball preview magazine.

THE ALMANAC: The Year of the Big will be available for $19.99 on September 26. Use the promo code HOOPS to preorder your copy today at just $15.99.

Our roster:

  • ELI BOETTGER: Heat Check CBB founder
  • ANDY DIECKHOFF: Heat Check CBB lead editor, national writer
  • RILEY DAVIS: National writer for Heat Check CBB, The Field of 68 Daily
  • LUKAS HARKINS: Heat Check CBB senior national writer, bracketologist
  • BRIAN RAUF: Heat Check CBB senior national writer, podcast co-host
  • CONNOR HOPE: Heat Check CBB business strategist, podcast co-host
  • JEFF GOODMAN: Stadium College Basketball Insider
  • ROB DAUSTER: Founder of The Field of 68
  • BRANDON GOBLE: Co-owner of Verbal Commits and JUCO Advocate
  • MATT COX: Three Man Weave’s soft-spoken social media co-founder
  • JIM ROOT: Co-founder of Three Man Weave, proponent of the extra pass
  • KY MCKEON: College hoops diehard and co-founder of Three Man Weave
  • SEAN PAUL: National writer for The Field of 68 Daily
  • NICK GOODWIN: Web designer