The 2023 NBA Draft withdrawal deadline has come and gone. What were some of the biggest decisions on deadline day and what are their impacts?

The NBA Draft withdrawal deadline is one of the most critical days of the college basketball offseason. As the early entry list is filled with high-impact college basketball players, many of their decisions will dramatically impact the following college hoops season.

While most players made their intentions clear before the May 31 deadline, several withheld their announcements until the final day. Those last-minute decisions came from the likes of reigning National Player of the Year Zach Edey, as well as three Kentucky Wildcats, a pair of Fighting Illini, and several others. These final dominoes ultimately impacted many programs across the country.

Now that the deadline has passed, how did the major decisions impact the programs involved? Let’s dive in.


Creighton is the biggest winner of the transfer deadline

Going into the offseason, Creighton still had a chance to bring back everyone from an Elite Eight team. Yet, hopes of “running it back” were dashed early when Ryan Nembhard and Arthur Kaluma entered the transfer portal. Those were blows, but the Bluejays avoided any further damage when two key players pulled out of the draft just before the deadline. It’s not a full reprise, but Creighton brings back its three most important players in Ryan Kalkbrenner, Trey Alexander, and Baylor Scheierman.

Scheierman announced his intention to return first, doing so in mid-April. Kalkbrenner and Alexander conversely waited until the final week. Regardless of when they announced, they are all back. Kalkbrenner led the team in scoring last season (15.9 ppg) and is arguably the most influential defender in the country. And as much as Kalkbrenner changes opponent schemes with his shot-blocking, Scheierman changes schemes with his range. Alexander will pair with Utah State transfer Steven Ashworth to make an elite backcourt.

Creighton was not a clear winner in the transfer market — the Nembhard and Kaluma decisions still sting — but keeping Kalkbrenner and Alexander at the buzzer is huge. Between their returning stars and the addition of Ashworth, the Bluejays have a quartet as good as any in college basketball.

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