The transfer portal has been the subject of much discussion and debate in the past few months, with the NCAA relaxing its player movement rules. In the meantime, some programs are taking advantage and constructing some eye-popping rosters.

Transfers are nothing new in Division I college basketball, but there has never been an offseason quite as volatile as this one. Love it or hate it, the transfer portal has become a legitimate option for players to test the waters and for coaches to build out incredible team sheets.

Of course, some programs rely more heavily on this avenue for filling out their lineups. Certain coaches have made transfers a major part of their identity, for better or worse. Nobody knows exactly what the next wave of rule changes will mean for player movement; for now, though, all we can do is evaluate the landscape as it is.

In that spirit, here are my top 30 transfer classes heading into the 2021-22 season. Full disclosure: a few mid-majors may have been given a little extra love at the end of the list. Try not to get too hung up on it.

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