The Heat Check CBB staff has submitted its staff predictions for the 2023 NCAA Tournament. Which bracket will come out on top?

The madness of March is finally here! It’s the best time of year here at Heat Check CBB, so we’re filling out brackets in preparation for the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

This year’s Big Dance features plenty of storylines. Can Kansas go back-to-back? Is Marquette’s last-season surge going to translate to the tournament? Will Houston win it all in its own backyard? How will Jon Scheyer fare in his first March Madness?

Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff. Each of our staff writers has their 2023 March Madness brackets below.

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Selection breakdown:

  • Champion: Houston (4), Texas (1), Gonzaga (1)
  • Final Four: Houston (5), UConn (3), Arizona (2), Alabama (2), Gonzaga (2), Kansas State (2), Kentucky (1), Texas (1), Memphis (1), UCLA (1), San Diego State (1), Marquette (1), Baylor (1), Purdue (1)
  • Upsets: Furman (4), Drake (4), Kent State (3), Louisiana (3), VCU (2), Vermont (1), UC Santa Barbara (1)

Eli Boettger

  • Championship: Houston over Arizona
  • Final Four: Houston, Arizona, UConn, Kentucky

Brian Rauf

  • Championship: Texas over Memphis
  • Final Four: Texas, Memphis, UCLA, San Diego State

Riley Davis

  • Championship: Houston over Alabama
  • Final Four: Houston, Alabama, Marquette, UConn

Lukas Harkins

  • Championship: Gonzaga over Alabama
  • Final Four: Gonzaga, Alabama, Houston, Kansas State

Connor Hope

  • Championship: Houston over Baylor
  • Final Four: Houston, Baylor, Kansas State, Gonzaga

Andy Dieckhoff

  • Championship: Houston over Purdue
  • Final Four: Houston, Purdue, Arizona, UConn